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Monday, September 26, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Bush off the Wagon?

This just in from a trusted friend: according to the National Enquirer, our President, George W. Bush, is back on the sauce. Now, I know y'all are thinking that the National Enquirer is even sketchier with the truth than Star. But after a series of damaging lawsuits, they really have to have credible sources before printing a story.

I will be conducting more research over the next 24 hours so tune in to read if this story is picked up elsewhere. In the meantime, feast on this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe if Bush continues to drink he will actually start to make good decisions. Let's see he stopped drinking when he was forty right... Well since then I know he has made piss poor decisions regarding our country. Now instead of making piss poor decisions he can make good decisions and leave the pissing to be down on the toilet.

12:21 PM  
Blogger RagHag Diva said...

What a wonderful theory, Anonymous! And seeing that you founded an entire industry with your 12 steps, I will consider you as an expert. Very astute!


12:45 AM  

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