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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Let's Start with Renee...

WOW! As you all may have heard, Renee Zellweger has filed for annulment of her 4 month marriage to Kenny Chesney on Thursday. The reason she cited? FRAUD!

But unfortunately for some of the rags, the news came too late for this week's pubs. Not only did they not report such juicy deliciousness, many of them printed stories of Renee's and Kenny's state of wedded bliss!

"I'm happier than ever" screams the headline in In Touch. "Newlywed sperstar Renee Zellweger finally opens up about her whirlwind marriage, her new husband and her great new life." Uh, I guess she didn't open up as much as they thought she did.

And in Life&Style: "Renee steps out - The happily married star put her best foot forward in Venice!"

Even more surprising than Renee's and Kenny's breakup is the fact that the usually error-riddled Star is the only rag that got it right: "Renee and Kenny: Why Are They Never Together?"

Hurray for Star! They get 1 "Woo Woo You Got It Right" star of their own for getting it right this time.

Life&Style and In Touch: -1 star

People, Us, InsideTV, and Celebrity Livings: 0 stars for not reporting a story on it at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She finally realized she married a redneck! The buzz on the fraud is that he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

5:45 AM  

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