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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well, readers - Friday is almost here and that means a whole new stack of trash magazines for me to decipher! The anticipation is going to keep me up tonight! A reader suggested I make predictions on the Gossip of the Future. Oh - there are so many directions I can take this! But I thought the most fun to start with is what I think the gossip mags are going to print in the upcoming pubs:

  • Due to the whole Zellweger/Chesney breakup, coverage of another breakup was all but ignored this week on the gossip boards - and it's one in which I find much pleasure. Tori Spelling and her not-famous husband of a year are splitting! The rags devoted much color ink to photo spreads of her over the top wedding. Let's see how much space they take talking about the divorce.
  • Of course, more space will be devoted to Zellweger/Chesney and this little issue surrounding the "fraud" she indicated in her annulment papers. Some say he didn't want kids. Some say he was too busy for her. Some say he is controlling and cheap. And some say he'd rather be hanging with Mr. (Anderson) Cooper (see below). Well, after the mags come out, it will all be murkier than ever.
  • But the story of this week's rags will be Britney's Spawn. I predict that the mags will report 3 different names, at least one story on post partum ala Brooke Shields, and that this kid has already made more money than his father has in his entire lifetime.
  • And in brief: Meadow on the Sopranos? Jamie Lynn DiScala? Divorcing her husband, provider of the surname DiScala. And Rebecca Romijn-ex-Stamos? Getting married again to Jerry O'Connell. Come on ladies - you're in entertainment. Keep your names and save everyone the hassle of trying to remember where to stash your "Whatever happened to.." files. And there will be tons of shit on the Emmys.

So let's see - is the Ouija board right? Does my Magic 8 Ball rock? Can I cash it in and start my own 1-900 psychic line? Tune in to find out!


Anonymous mot said...

FYI- Rebecca Romijn-ex-Stamos got engaged to Jerry O'Connell on the same actual date as she got married to John Stamos. That is cold. I am not happy about that.

7:04 PM  

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