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Monday, September 26, 2005

Tori's Story

So my prediction that we would hear more about Tori Spelling's impending divorce was proven correct. But what I didn't expect was the level of detail that Tori herself provided to the RagHag bible, People.

Hours before her wedding, Tori's mom told her "the man you end up marrying should love you a little more than you love him. I always thought my mom was wrong. But it's that way with Charlie."

Sounds harsh, right? Well, when you read the entire article, it turns out that it was just their reality. She got caught up in the wedding plans. Her friends were all commenting and gushing about how great he was for her. He was the first "nice guy" she's been involved with. He seemed perfect for her. So she married him.

But turns out, though she loves him, she's not in love with him. She says, "I feel that I've really disappointed people. I've disappointed everyone who came to my wedding. I'm disappointed in myself. I don't know exactly what happened and when things started to go wrong."

So we don't get his side, because he refused to comment. But we do learn that she met someone else - some actor who is starring in a made-for-Lifetime movie with her - Dean McDermott. So he's married too and just filed the divorce papers on his wife - except he's been with her for 12 years and has 2 kids.

She's a nightmare mess and needs full-time therapy. But the tone of honesty in the article, even if it is all hoo-ha, is kind of refreshing.

There's an excerpt on People's website - but I say try to get your hands on the full article. It's a good one.


Blogger RagHag is My Idol said...

RagHag, I LOVE YOU! More Tori! More Tori! I've always been a fan... perhaps because my hairdresser says I look like her... but MY boobs are real and I can act... oops, but that's right, her father didn't know it was her when she auditioned for 90210.

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