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Monday, October 31, 2005

Britney's having (gasp) THOUGHTS!!

Oh, wait. It says "Britney's having DARK thoughts." I thought we had a real scoop here.

So here it is - I predicted that Britney would suffer from post-partum depression, ala Brooke Shields, and Life&Style has confirmed my premonition.

"I can't keep my mind from having these dark thoughts over and over - that something awful might happen to Sean," Britney supposedly told a friend - and an "expert" thinks she's suffering from more than the baby blues - she's in full-blown PPD. "I'm so nervous I'm not doing things right," she told another friend.

Even if Brit didn't say this, I am sure she's feeling it right now. Most new moms do. Shit, my kid is 10 months and I freak out every day that he's going to choke and die. It's hard being responsible for the livelihood of another human being.

And look at the partner she chose to enter into this sacred, scary phase - K-Fed. While she's hovering over her baby's crib, making sure that little guy is, in fact, breathing, he's out at LA club Mood "until early morning." When she asks him for his rationalization for this behavior, he tells her "he has to be seen as a hot young guy."

Uh, I don't care how many clubs he goes to. He will never been seen as "hot."

I feel for Brit. Sure, we all knew she was probably too young to be doing this. And we all definitely knew that the sperm donor she picked was a loser. But it's hard being a new mom. We'll see how long it takes for her to kick him out - it would be the smartest thing she could do.


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