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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Have I started a trend....?

Or is it just a coincidence that mainstream media outlets are printing stories analyzing the celebrity magazine phenomenon?

This one, from the AP, seems to ask the same question I did last week about this secrecy thing celebrities have going on. Basically, it says that when celebrities deny, we can pretty much assume the opposite. So I'm betting that Jessica isn't just 'leaving her ring on her bedside table' because she is forgetful. Hey, I forget to put my rings on sometimes in the morning - but no one's photographing me as I leave the house, park my car, buy my coffee, pick up my drycleaning - you get the jist.

The Washington Post printed this story, "Print Media's Hot New Star: Celebrity Mags" about how celebrity rags sales are soaring while other areas in print media are suffering.

I'm telling you - they must be reading RagHag. ;-)

If the New York Times is looking for a Rag Reviewer, I'm available.


Anonymous Auntie P. said...

I have never in my life left my rings on a night standor any where else. That is the poorest excuse I have ever heard.
Auntie P.

8:17 AM  

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