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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

K-Fed's ADORABLE Pet Names for Newborn

Celebrity Living has uncovered even more lovable pet names for Kevin Federline's precious little boy, Sean Preston. And because the folks at CL are so helpful, they provided translations for those of us who may not be up on our cutesy-wutesy lingo:

"Gangsta" & "Shotty" - short for gangster and shotgun.
"310" - the L.A. area code
"Dillon" & "Toaster" - terms for a pistol
"Homey" - short for homeboy

That is just too precious! It brings a little tear to one's eye, doesn't it? Well, I'm just so moved I may just pick up the phone and call Child Protective Services.

Also, turns out K-Fed's quite the little spender. And it may make Breadwinner Britney go back to work. Life & Style reports that the couple are bouncing checks! Something that I'm sure K-Fed is familiar with but I'm pretty sure Brit's never experienced it before.

So what's he spending his money on, other than ill-fitting clothing, cigarettes and do-rags? Turns out he's building a multimillion-dollar dance school with Mr. Stability himself, Joe Jackson - father of Michael. Yeah. THAT should be a success.


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