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Monday, October 24, 2005

SCANDAL - Janet Jackson has a kid?

Janet Jackson, the star of the famous Superbowl Nipplegate, has a daughter, says her former brother-in-law Young DeBarge.

Janet was married for, like, 5 minutes to James DeBarge in 1984. Remember DeBarge? "I believe in the Rhythm of the Night - takes me to the morning light." Something like that.

So she was 18 and was married to James for 3 months and it got annulled a year later. Now the bro-in-law (who, coincidentally, has an album coming out) says that she had his child, named Renee, who is currently living with Janet's older sister, Reba.

I so believe this, because that Jackson family is crazy. Janet was all popular then - it's Janet, Miss Jackson if your nasty - and it wouldn't have helped her career if she was a single mother. So they quickly got married, all hush like, and she has the kid - they pawn her off to her older sister and get the marriage annulled.

Now the real question is does this child think Reba is her mother and Janet is her cool young aunt? I will post details as I find them.


Blogger Sara said...

I agree that I think this is real. After all, she hid her marriage, why not hide a kid?

11:10 AM  

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