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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Matilda Ledger Enters the World

I don't really care about Heath Ledger, and I really don't care about Michelle Williams.

But they just had a baby and they named her Matilda.

I know some people are going to make fun of this name - comparing it to Julia Roberts' choice of the name Hazel for her little girl.

But I LOVE this name. It was on my short list before we figured out we were having a boy. Of course, it wasn't on Mr. RagHag's list at all, which really was of no concern to me, for we took a page out of John Travolta/Kelly Preston's book - he gets to name the boys, I get to name the girls.

This is why the Travoltas have a boy named Jett, btw.

Anyway, welcome Matilda. Enjoy yourself in this crazy world of ours.


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