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Friday, November 11, 2005

Paris is Crashing...

... but unfortunately does not burn.

I thought this story was lame when it broke a couple of days ago. Paris & Co. are surrounded by paparazzi - her NEW Greek shipping heir boyfriend Stavros Niarchos got frazzled by all the hoopla and smashed his new girl's Bentley into the back of a parked truck. YAWN. Happens to me all the time.

But, get this - there's VIDEO. And so Paris and Stavros are hanging with Kimberly Stewart (Rod's daughter - who has a disturbing tattoo on her torso right above her hoo-hoo that says "Daddy's Little Girl" - ew.) and this kid who is on MTV's "reality" show "Laguna Beach".

So the Greek guy gets all frazzled cuz there's camera guys surrounding the car. So he lurches forward and oops - right into a truck. Then he lurches forward and oops - almost right into a person - then he manages to leave.

But the cops pull them over and doesn't issue any tickets or anything - even tho the Laguna Beach kid says "I'm the only sober one."

Hmmmmm. Methinks celebrity favoritism. So Paris Hilton squeaks, "We love cops." I thought she meant the TV show - cuz I love that too. And she blows the cop a little kiss.

Watch it - it's really good quality and I've tested it for you - no viruses on this one.

I'm betting the Laguna Beach kid doesn't get asked to hang with Paris again. Just a hunch.


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