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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WOW - what a weekend!

I was so busy this weekend, I haven't had the time to read my weekly magazines. I KNOW - can you believe it? See, a dear friend got married here in town - and tons of old college friends visited. Oh, and then, an hour before the wedding began, a haz-mat team was called to tend to a strange vial of white powder found on neighbor and fellow-diva Monica's back deck. Fire trucks blocked our dead-end street and we were worried we wouldn't be allowed to escape - but don't fret - it turned out to be cornstarch and glass. Those damn kids with their fake coke. Kinda like Paris Hilton and her fake ring, eh.

Anyway, I will start posting a tidbit a day to keep you all informed. I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine (minus the haz-mat team, of course).


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