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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In the Totally NOT Shocking Category....

Colin Farrell's in rehab. Again.

He checked himself in to treat his penchant for painkillers. Oh, and he's exhausted.

Dude what is up with these actors who are so tired all the time? I mean, it's not the most strenuous job in the world. I hear it's a lot of standing around and waiting for the shot to be set. I mean, I suppose that could be tiring - standing around all day - but I'm pretty certain the big stars get a chair to sit in. One that even has their name on it.

Lindsay Lohan was exhausted too. So exhausted that she missed her appointment with Regis and Kelly. Now I understand missing a scheduled appointment. I've slept thru dental appointments, hair appointments - even my new baby's pediatrician appointment once. But those appointments weren't televised. And the show is called "LIVE with Regis and Kelly" Uh, if she didn't show up, they were gonna notice.

Jessica Simpson was exhausted a little bit ago while in Chicago filming an Oprah bit. Nicole Richie is exhausted, according to her dad, and that's why she's so skinny. Hillary Duff is taking a month off because she's exhausted.

Man - it must be hard work being a celebrity. Kind of like a construction worker. Or a commercial fisherman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank YOU! I am so mad at Lindsay for doing that to Reg and Kelly. That does it. I'm not buying her CD.

The reason why they are so tired is BECAUSE they are too darn skinny. C'mon kids, eat a power bar or even a leaf a lettuce. It's amazing what food can do for your energy level.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous mot said...

Actually these stars should sniff some cocaine before their personal appearances. I think actors take plenty of coke throughout the day. They should ration it and take small doses throughout the day. That way they can appear fresh(although maybe a bit hyper too) and do interviews all day long.

5:53 AM  

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