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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Jessica and Nick - the REAL story, please?

So I was planning on reporting all the differences in this week's rags regarding the breakup of reality power couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Problem is, they all reported the same story.

Jessica wanted Nick to spend Thanksgiving with the Simpson clan in Texas. Two days before the trip, he bailed, wanting to hang in LA with his brother and friends. She said that's cool - I'll hang with you. He said, that's okay - you don't have to. She realized the marriage was over. She dumped him.

This is so shady. I'm pretty sure Nick didn't know the announcement was coming the day before Thanksgiving for a reason. Simpson's people wanted first crack at the weekly mags in order to get their spin out there. Nick has been a trooper during this whole marriage fiasco. I'm sure he finally said enough of the bullshit, it's over.

But Jessica can't be the one who was dumped. So her people probably told him they would announce it together at a later date - and then boom - dropped the bomb.

Nick should hit the talk show circuit - maybe an exclusive with Diane Sawyer - and explain what really went on in this relationship. Tell the truth about her creepy, overly involved father. Explain that all he wanted was to live a life with the woman he fell in love with - and instead the marriage was turned into a product to make more money for Joe Simpson.

Fortunately for Nick, Jessica was naive and innocent when they first married and insisted that there be no prenup. Her career skyrocketed, and now he's entitled to half. Which he should definitely get. She would be nowhere without her marriage to Nick - that's what set her apart from all the other blond semi-talented pop singers.

Mark my words. Nick will end up the winner in this game.


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