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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The REAL reason for Mike Myers breakup?

I said it was kids, or lack thereof. MonicaHarmonica insisted MM cheated.

Well, MonicaHarmonica could be right.

What's he doing at a Lucky Burger on Christmas Day with Eliza Dushku, who I may add, was born in the 80's?

That sucks. I don't know why I assumed Mike Myers was different from every other man. But what can you expect from the guy who came up with Austin Powers.


Anonymous MonicaHarmonica said...

AAAHHHAAAA! I tell you you! Men are pigs! My husband knew the girl right away... "you mean Faith from Buffy?" Yeah, now I gotta keep my eyes on him. Men are pigs, I tell you.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous MonicaHarmonica said...

Lucky Burger. Humph. Get Lucky Burger more like it. Had to throw that in.

9:36 AM  

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