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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hilary Shows Class

I watched the pre-show to the Golden Globes on E! and Isaac Mizrahi was interviewing some of the stars who attended the gala. One was Hilary Swank - and he asked her if she approached events like the Globes differently now that she is single. "Oh, I'm not single. I'm working very hard to save my marriage."

She was still wearing her ring, and she said the same thing to Access Hollywood.

I'm not sure how these celebrities do it. She had to go to the ceremony - she won last year for Million Dollar Baby and was expected to present the Best Actor award this year. She could have bailed, claiming illness or prior engagements. But she went, she looked fabulous, and she answered prying questions about the state of her marriage with grace and dignity. I really hope they both find whatever they need to find in order to achieve happiness, together or apart.


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