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Monday, January 09, 2006

Hillary and Rob Lowe's Brother Break Up

I'm sad about this breakup. All of the interviews I've seen of them really made me think they had what it took to make the long haul. Ah, well - at least there aren't kids to traumatize.

Marriage in general is a hard thing. For example, during this recent move to San Diego, Mr. Diva and I experienced beaucoup stress. Turns out moving with a one-year-old IS hard. I spent the three days being snappish and moody and cranky and generally unpleasant. I'm surprised he didn't leave me at a rest stop in Redding. So I will use this public forum to apologize to Mr. Diva for being such a bitchy bitchbitch. And, Mr. Diva, I will never forget to thank you in my Oscar speech.


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