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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Roundup Again?

To be honest, the rags bored me this week - by the time I get around summarizing for you guys, it will be old news.

But there was an interesting story today. Some college kid says Joe Pesci punched him! This reminds me of when we were living in Marin County and Mot came to visit. We lived down the street from Sean Penn, and Mot's sole purpose on that trip was to have some sort of violent encounter with Sean Penn. Mot didn't want to hit Sean Penn or assault Sean Penn in any way - but he wanted to say something antagonizing to Sean Penn so Sean Penn would hit or assault him. He said that even if he didn't end up suing Sean Penn, what a great story it would be!

So we drove by Sean Penn's house. Nothing. We knew Sean Penn drove a black BMW so everytime we drove by one, we carefully scrutinized the driver. Mot's visit primarily consisted of us looking for Sean Penn.

Then, on the last day of his visit, during our daily Sean Penn hunt, we saw Sean Penn. Sean Penn was driving Sean Penn's car. In the opposite direction. So Mr. Diva flipped that bitch and we went after Sean Penn. Alas, we ended up losing Sean Penn in the heavy, 15mph Town of Ross traffic.

Sorry, Mot. I wish I could have helped you out there. I'm not sure if any celebrities live by me here in San Diego. I mean, it's not like we live in Malibu. But if I find one, and they have an anger management issue, we'll definitely stalk him during your next visit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah i forgot about looking for Sean Penn. That was a long time ago. I am lucky we did not piss him off. I think he would have broken me in two. He really is one of my favorite actors of all time too. So my promise to him and the rest of the world is I WILL NOT TRY TO MAKE SEAN PENN mad ever again.

On a serious note, Chris Penn(Sean's brother) was found dead. That really is too bad. Chris was a good actor. He was in some great movies and some funny comedies as well.

6:16 AM  

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