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Monday, January 02, 2006

RagHag Roundup

FINALLY! Nick Lachey's side of the story is highlighted in this week's Us Weekly.

This is what I've been waiting for. Week after week, we've heard the same bullshit from Jessica's PR platoon. She's so sad that she couldn't even smile while shopping, people. But, she had to file because she couldn't be in a marriage that her husband didn't want to be in. Oh, and he's NOT getting no spousal support from her. Blah Blah. Living with her parents - then buying a little 3 million dollar home.

WELL, seems that Jessica's peeps know how to spin a story. But according to Nick's minions, Jessica is not the victim she wants everyone to think she is.

There weren't a lot of details, just that Jessica isn't as innocent as she appears, and Nick knows it. He feels she has lied to him and is continuing to lie to her adoring public. He has basically stayed the same guy he was when they got married. She, on the other hand, has done a 180. The insecure virgin suffering from low self-esteem is now an ego-inflated sex symbol who has sychophants agreeing with her that her shit don't smell. Well, Jessica - everybody poops. And every poop smells.

I just hope Nick takes my advice dows some tell-all interview with Barbara Walters and knocks that talentless bim off the pedastal everyone worked so hard to build for her.

As far as the rest of the news, well, it was light. Lots of celebrity diet stories. Resolutions and all. If you HAVE to buy a mag this week, go for Us. At least you won't have to read the latest of the Jessica bullshit spin.


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