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Monday, January 16, 2006

RagHag Roundup

The main story of the week was Angelina Jolie's pregnancy. The only one that got it right, of course, was People, who posted several pictures along with the story. I'm telling you right now, she is at least 5 months pregnant. I predict she will give birth no later than May. Which means that they conceived no later than August. Which means that Brad was still a married man.

Which means that Ms. Jolie should, again, learn to keep her mouth shut:

"I don't and won't sleep with married men - period."


The article that got MY attention, however, was a tiny little snippet tucked away in In Touch's "In The Know" section. Sharon Stone is dating former Laker and Vanessa Williams husband Rick Fox.

Now, I know most of you won't care that much about this. So she's dating a former basketball player. Big whoop. But when I'm not reading trash magazines and writing about it here, I'm playing fantasy basketball. I know - dorky, right? I actually do it for Mr. Diva. He buys my magazines and watches Entertainment Tonight with me. I play fantasy basketball with him. It's my second year and I'm currently in last place in our league. Hey, I didn't say I was good at it.

So to keep me interested in the whole thing, I try to follow the personal lives of the players. Tony Parker is dating Eva Longoria. Kobe "Consensual" Bryant knocked up his wife. And I happen to know a lot about Rick Fox.

I never was fond of Rick Fox. He's a pretty boy, and there's no room for pretty boys in the NBA. He was always overacting and generally making a fool of himself. And on my gossip boards, there was rampant talk about his cheating ways. In fact, there were pics of him making out with some blond in the National Enquirer shortly before they announced their plans for divorce. There were tons of blind items about orgies and std's that everyone agreed were most likely about him.

Seems that Sharon is getting herself a handful with this one. I predict this will end before it is even confirmed by anyone's publicist.


Well, tonight's the Golden Globes. I know I said I was going to talk about the attire of the stars after the People's Choice Awards, but then the news of Angie's pregnancy broke and frankly, that trumps the designer choices of the subpar celebrities who actually went to the PCA. That award show sucks ass, and should just go away. I couldn't even watch it - I turned it on for a couple of seconds and saw Reese Witherspoon giving high-fives to the fans in the crowd. I mean, really. This is not award show behavior, unless it's on a music channel and they are giving out moonmen and golden popcorn statues.

But the Golden Globes is another story. This is the precursor to the Oscars. This will give us an idea of who will win the Award of the Academy.

I have seen just one of the nominated films (I have a one-year old, remember) but I think I saw the right one - Brokeback Mountain. MonicaHarmonica and I saw it before I left Seattle and we both thought it was fabulous. I can't tell you how much I loved that movie. And I agree with all the talkers out there - Heath Ledger should definitely win Best Actor. He was better than fantastic. The movie was one of the best movies I have seen. I still think of it and it's been weeks since I saw it.

So I'm rooting for the gay cowboys. I'll update tomorrow about all the goings-on!


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