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Monday, January 30, 2006

RagHag Roundup

People put Jennifer Aniston on its cover. Guess it's her week to look sympathetic. Not a whole lot to the article - she and Vince Vaughn are getting serious. The attention she's getting at Sundance has been tiring. There was one piece of news that I found interesting. According to the article, Brad Pitt let Jen know about Angelia's pregnancy - but he didn't tell her himself. Seems that he told someone to break the news to her gently. So remember that press release that Jen never talked to Brad or Angelina about the pregnancy? Technically, that was true. But again, her publicist made it seem that the pregnancy was a total shock to her, thereby causing all of us to chant a collective "Awwwwww. Poor Jen."

Oh, and you know how Jen hadn't talked to her mom for like 10 years, because her mom published a book about her without her permission, but now they are talking? My theory is she contacted her as a big "up yours" to Brad, because he always wanted them to reconcile. Well, in the article, she said she "saw a set of numbers flash through her head - and recognized them as a phone number she had not dialed in nearly a decade: her mother's" Ooooooooooooo. Spooooooooooky. She's like Miss Cleo. Give me a break.

Us featured Angelina on the cover, looking not that great, I may add. Her face is funky - angular and sunken in and not pretty. Which is weird because she's probably one of the most beautiful people in the world. Regardless of her husband-stealing activities. Anyway, they report she's due May 2nd. Which of course puts my calculations spot on. Star is "reporting" a due date of June 6, saying that her mom suggested that she give birth then, because then both Angelina and the baby would be Geminis. Sure - she made sure she conceived so she would give birth when her mom wanted her to. Sometimes, even I can't believe I read this crap.

Star also says she and Brad want 13 kids, but this will be the only biological one, cuz she hates being pregnant. They also say she will never marry Brad.

Okay, enough about them. Other tidbits:

Star has some pics of Courtney Cox Arquette looking bloated. So of course, she's pregnant. Let's keep an eye on this to see if they are right.

In Touch says Nicole Richie is wearing children's clothes. I believe it.

Celebrity Living says Nick still loves Jessica, while Star says he wants her to stop calling him.

And Life & Style says Tom and Katie are embarrassing his kids. No duh.

Again, not much there this week - but there it is: your weekly raghag roundup!


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