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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whoa - is that weird or what?

The day I post my story about Sean Penn, his brother dies.

I was just talking to Mrs. Breedorf about him and the fact that I always had a soft spot for him since I saw Footloose. I have a tendancy to fall for the funny sidekick in the movie instead of the obvious hearthrob we're supposed to love. Like in Top Gun, I was totally into Goose - Maverick was just too obvious. Too brash. I followed Anthony Edwards' career after that religiously - I watched Gotcha like 600 times.

So I had a similar reaction to Chris Penn's character Willard. He was dating the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. And he didn't know how to dance. So the best scene in the movie consists of Kevin Bacon trying to teach him how to dance, which of course was illegal.

Chris has gained some weight since then, and I am going to guess he went out with a heart attack. He also was fond of the hooch. It's sad, though. He was 40. Now that I'm almost mid-thirties that's just not old anymore.

I just hope my postings aren't so powerful that they end up killing other celebrity siblings.


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