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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Death of Diana - a 48 Hours Mystery....

Okay so this isn't an episode of "48 Hours" - but they way it's written up in People, it totally could be.

First let me say that I, like almost everyone else on the planet Earth, am a huuuuuuge Diana fan. I watched the wedding on TV when I was a kid. I remember every detail watching the news hearing about her death. Who was there (Mr. Diva, friend Michelle), what I was doing (talking on phone to Mom, predicting it was minor why she predicted the worst - always right, that Diva Mama). It was my Kennedy moment. And of course I wore black pj's and watched the funeral live. So I'm all about Di.

So remember Dodi, her rich Muslim looooooover? His dad is the uber-rich Mohammad Al Fayed, the guy behind Harrods, right? So he's convinced that Diana and his son were not killed accidentally in a car crash caused by fleeing the paparazzi. And it turns out, he may be onto something.

Enter Lord Stevens, the head of the British government investigation of the crash, which is code named Operation Paget. The findings of Operation Paget will not be completed until later this year - but some info has leaked, and People is more than happy to share them with us - thank god.

1. Did the Palace want Diana dead? My answer is "Hell, yeah the palace wanted her dead." Come on - she was hanging with a rich Muslim - what if they got married? Had little Muslim children? This would be very uncomfortable for the bluebloods. Also, with Di out of the picture, Charles could marry Camilla Horseface Bowles without that awkwardness. Well, People states that they may have wanted her offed - based on a letter written by Diana to her butler Paul Burrell 10 months before the crash - you may remember him after he was accused to have tons of Di mementos that he wasn't entitled to - at the last minute, the charges were dropped. Remember? Anyway, she wrote to him the following: "This particular phase of my is the most dangerous. Someone (later revealed by the Daily Mirror to be Prince Charles) was planning an 'accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury - to make the path clear to remarry." But the peeps at the Palace cry foul. Answer: Unclear

2. Was Diana pregnant? I have no opinion about this - she didn't look pregnant to me prior to the accident - but then again, Britney Spears LOOKS pregnant and reportedly isn't, so who the hell knows? But Dodi's daddy suspects that she may have been, because they embalmed her within hours of her death "to hinder a thorough postmortem exam". Interesting.... So the British investigators checked it out, and have decided that she was NOT knocked up. Mohammed claims to have "indisputible proof" that she was. So the Answer: Unclear

3. Were Diana and Dodi engaged? A Monte Carlo jeweler says he sold a $200,000 emerald and diamond ring to Dodi that Diana picked out. The jeweler says it was an engagement ring. But Rosa Monckton, a former jewelry executive, says that while Diana talked about the ring, she said it was going on her right hand, not her left. Answer: Unclear

4. Was Diana's chauffeur a Secret Agent? Henri Paul was the driver the night of the crash - and there are tons of reports saying he was drunk and on prescription pills. Well, this question seems to have a definite answer - yes! He was a member of France's domestic intelligence service. Oooh - also, he only made $35K a year, but had $160,000 "in more than a dozen bank accounts - $120,000 which was paid just before the crash." Dude - shady. This may lead up to something. Answer: Yes
5. Was Henri Paul drunk at the time of the crash? Well, it was widely reported that he was, like I said in question 4. But Mohammed Al Fayed says that Paul's blood samples were swapped with some suicide victim's. The crazy thing is, French authorities said that there were "errors" with Paul's blood sample, but left it at that - and they still insist he was drunk. Answer: Unclear
6. Were secret agents spying on Diana? Turns out British royalty are much like our former Presidents - they are watched by their government protection agencies for their own protection. But the weird thing about this is - well, I'm not sure how weird it is - but this agent - Agent Y, was arrested in 2005 in Greece and accused of torturing terror suspects. So then this informant told investigators that Agent Y "had been part of a cell assigned to block inquiries into M16 operations involving Diana" Hmmmm - what are they hiding? We don't really know - but sounds shady to me. Answer: Yes
7. Was Diana's body embalmed? Uh, well, they said it was when they answered the pregnancy question. But here's the rub - French law says you can't embalm a body that's supposed to have an autopsy. So there's speculation that whoever ordered the autopsy (which was only partially completed, btw - ew) knew she was pregnant and wanted to throw off any tests that would indicate this. The French pathologist who did the autopsy won't say who ordered that she be embalmed. Rumor has it that Britain's ambassador to France ordered it, possibly under orders from higher-ups. Regardless, People says that embalming wouldn't have hidden a pregnancy in the first place. Answer: Yes

8. Did a car bump Diana's Mercedes just before the crash? Supposedly eyewitnesses was a white Fiat bump Diana's car right before the crash. There was paint marks and other residue on the Mercedes consistent with this - and there was a paparazzi with a white Fiat following them during their trip to France. So then, in 2000, this paparazzi, James Andanson, was found dead, burned up in a different car from the Fiat in France. His death was ruled a suicide. THEN masked men broke into the agency for which he worked, shot a security guard and stole cameras, hard drives and laptops. DUDE - that's sketchy. But even before he died, the investigators ruled out Andanson's Fiat as the car that bumped Diana's. Answer: Unclear

So - there's a bunch of questions, and not a whole lot of answers. I cannot wait for the investigation to conclude. I totally wouldn't put it past the royal family to have had something to do with this. And conspiracies are so much fun - like a real-life game of Clue.


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