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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I think I've recovered....

I started a post yesterday about how devastated I still was about the Brokeback snub. I was too despondent to even finish it.

So I've decided to just accept the fact that the ensemble piece on racism in Los Angeles with Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillon won the Oscar, and move on.

And there's been a lot going on - Dana Reeve died. That's way more depressing than Brokeback losing Best Picture.

But, on the flipside, both Yanni and David Hasselhoff are "alleged" wifebeaters.

And Boy George avoids the clink by going into rehab.

I also inadvertently saw (dont click on it if you don't wanna know) who won Project Runway when the headline popped up on my Entertainment headlines feed. Why wasn't I watching, you ask? Uh, I was watching the Winn Dixie movie. It has my boyfriend Dave Matthews in it. And the dog is really cute. Whatever. Don't judge me. And THEN Garden State came on, which is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I have to watch it every opportunity I get. If you don't have the soundtrack yet, buy it stat because it's the best soundtrack of all time.

I just realized I used the phrase "of all time" twice in the last two sentences. God I thought I was better than that. Where's my damn thesaurus?

Regardless, I had a great night. It's the Diva's birthday, everyone. Enjoy yourselves - and celebrate all that is ME (and Emmanuel Lewis, who shares the same birthday, the year and everything, dude)


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