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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Nick Lachey dating the Laguna Beach chick thing...

God - it's so boring I couldn't even write about it yesterday. I kept falling asleep.

So Nick Lachey was all over Kristin Cavallari, who is this chick who was on this MTV reality show Laguna Beach, which consisted of a bunch of rich white kids being filmed doing absolutely fucking nothing except sounding incredibly empty and shallow and stupid. MARKETING GENIUS!

So now this chick who was filmed talking on her cell phone saying, "Like, he's sooooooo cute. It was sooooooo cute that he was all, like, cute! Ohmigod, he's the cutest. That's so, like, cute." is the host of some other reality show that I think is on the dubya-bee. Some party planning show. Whatever. And it sounds like she hooked up with the totally cute Nick Lachey.

Three magazines reported basically the same story - that they hooked up one night at some totally cute club and went to some hotel room or something and didn't emerge until the next day. I'm sure it's, like, totally true. But I would have thought Nick would have stepped it up a bit after Jessica. I mean - he went from one dumb blonde who got famous from being on a MTV reality show to.... a dumb blonde who got famous from being on a MTV reality show. Come on - where's the originality in that? He should have become Sharon Stone's Ashton Kutcher.

And talk about a dumb blonde. Check out the Sharon Stone clip from the Daily Show. She's PERFECT for Nick.


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