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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

RagHag Roundup

Wow - so my new year's resolution to post daily was a little lofty. I just looked back and realized I hardly wrote last week - and then skipped yesterday. Bad gossip hound!

In my defense, there is little going on - Brangelina did NOT get married, even though all of Lake Como was in a tizzy. Robert Blake is working on a horse ranch and planning his comeback since the murder of his wife (I smell a bad reality show on the horizon). And Della Reese is designing her own clothing line for women on the plus side.

I did get the magazines and had to skip every story on Dana Reeve, because it was just too sad to read. Seriously - that family has been through the ringer. But luckily, there was some really fluffy fluff out there - and I am here to share that with you.

The best, by far, was a piece in People's Scoop section. It's called "Lindsay's Old Friends" and it's a blurb about how Lindsay Lohan hangs with all these old celebrities.

Lindsay is only 19. You would think she would have nothing in common with these celebrities that are, gasp, older than me. "So why does she like to hang out often with people twice her age?" People asks.

Well, a friend has an answer. A priceless answer. One that makes me proud to be a RagHag.

"She attracts older people," says a friend, "because they think she is an older soul."

Wow. That's awesome.

So then they list the older celebrities that make up her geriatric posse. Deborah Harry (60), Jon Bon Jovi (44), Belinda Carlisle (47), Bruce Willis (51), Bryan Adams (46), Sting (54), Lenny Kravitz (41), Axl Rose (44) and Virginia Madsen (44).

Virginia Madsen's quote is so awesome I feel I should not withhold it from my faithful readers.

"There's something about her I adore," Madsen told People. "She was like a wild pony."

See? I told you it was awesome.

So not much else to reports from the magazines. Oh, Trump and his model third wife had their baby. They named him Barron. Mr. Diva thought they should have named him Dolla Bill-yall.

And Mama Diva will be upset to learn that her longtime crush, Richard Dreyfuss, got married again. I heard he's a cad anyway, Mama.


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