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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why Prince Kicks Ass

I know what I was gonna tell you!

So Prince kicks ass. And here's why. Some fans were waiting in line at Tower Records in LA to buy his new album, 3121. This is news in and of itself, because I thought everyone dowloaded their music these days - I mean, go to a store to buy music? That's soooooooo 20th century.

So Prince decides to surpise these lucky devoted fans with an impromptu show!

This reminds me of a story. I had this friend, Theresa, in the 6th grade. Her brother was a musician and got accepted at the Berklee School of Music. So before classes even start freshman year, he goes and waits in line for Prince tickets, because Prince was like his idol.

So while he was waiting in line, a car jumped the sidewalk and slammed into him, killing him instantly.

I know, right?

So Prince found out about this, and dedicated his show to him. But that wasn't all - he also held a private performance for his family and friends as a tribute to him, and then, at the end, played a piece of music he wrote.

He didn't tell the press. He didn't make it a huge deal. He just did it for this kid's family. That is why Prince will always be cool.

Well, that, and "When Doves Cry."


Blogger Sara said...

That's a sad story, but sweet. It's nice to know that some famous people aren't asses.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous harmonica said...

Yeah, but did you hear that the basketball player who rented his house to Prince is suing him because he painted purple strips on his walls and purple shag monogrammed carpet with his "formerly known as" sign in the master bedroom and painted the outside of the house with a purple 3121?

Still love the man, but he's renting? Please.

10:30 PM  
Blogger RagHag Diva said...

Ahhh - but he is renting for something crazy like $70,000 a month from Carlos Boozer (who is on my fantasy basketball team - I KNOW - how do I have time to raise a kid for god's sake) and he decided to sue AFTER he took his money. So then Carlos decided to drop his complaint. Yeah - he should focus less on Prince's redecorating and more on playing basketball - injured mofo ruined my TEAM, man!

11:50 PM  

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