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Monday, April 24, 2006

RagHag Roundup - He's Just Like the Rest of 'Em

Nuwanda Girl, you are not going to like this story. So if you want to keep your romantic illusions about James Blunt intact, it would be best if you stop reading.

According to OK! magazine, James Blunt, the singer/songwriter of the unrequited love song, "You're Beautiful" is no different from any other man out there. He's a cheater.

So I guess he's engaged to an "heiress" named Camilla Boler. But this engagement could be kaput due to a "New York fling" with British TV personality Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. Looks like she was on a reality show over there, her dad was Prince Charles' ski instructor, and she's been in rehab for the other kind of snow - the one you snort.

OK! says T P-T said, "If nothing had happened, then I would have come right out and said nothing had happened. I haven't done that, have I?"

She went on to say that Blunt told her he was single when they romped. Bastard.

I guess the story is HUGE in the British tabs. I'm sorry to burst your romantic notions, NG. It upset me terribly as well.


Anonymous Nuwanda Girl said...

Nooooo!! Well, I guess it's not THAT surprising, him being a rock star and all. It's like the only good men out there are those in fiction...which I guess doesn't really count since they don't really exist and so can't be "out there".

-SWA Lifetime Member

By the way..did you read about Denise Richards and Richie Sambora???

12:45 PM  
Blogger RagHag Diva said...

Dude you are LYIN about Denise and Richie! I must stop slacking and start surfing!

-Honorary SWA Member

2:27 PM  

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