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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rosie's Butchin Up The View


The View has selected Rosie O'Donnell to fill Meredith Vieira's seat
, while Meri goes off to flirt with Matt Lauer every morning.

This is a BRILLIANT move. First, I should disclose I am a huge Ro fan. I just watched her HBO Special "All Aboard!" - about a cruise she set up for all gay and lesbian families - and I totally cried like a baby, like, multiple times. All of these happy children, of all different colors, being loved by two caring parents - it's moving, and if you haven't seen it, you should. I actually looked up adoption websites after watching it and told Mr. Diva that we were adopting our next kid. But then I realized I would be taking a child away from a loving gay couple and that wouldn't be right. It's a conundrum. I mean - I have a husband and we have all the parts we need to make our own kid. Whatever - that's another story.

Let's talk about how Survivor Elizabeth's head is going to exPLODE having to talk to a honest to god lesbian every day. There's nothing I hate more than a young, white, Republican pretty girl. Stupid entitled bitch - went on a reality show and got herself a job. 2nd string quarterback's wife with a baby and a stalker. Dude, I saw her come on one show with a Women for W banner - as in George W. Oh man, Rosie's gonna tear her surviving ass apart.

And STAR! Ro just said some shit about her - about how it's okay to talk about her breast lift that she almost died from, but it's not okay to talk about her gastric bypass, which she obviously had. No, she just implies she did some pilates and ate carrots. Have you seen fat Star? Ain't no SlimFast gonna achieve that so quickly.

Joy now has some competition in the funny department. I hope the two of them gang up and get Star and Elizabeth Stepford booted.

Dude, it worked. I'm totally watching. And I haven't watched since the Women for W incident. Kudos, producers. You've reeled me back in.


Anonymous Nuwanda Girl said...

Man, I hope they can Star. She totally brings that show down. She may have lost a lot of weight but her ego is still supersize. And isn't her husband gay?

6:43 AM  

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