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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anatomy of a Star Sighting

Wednesday, May 17, time: 2:30ish pacific.

[phone rings]

"RagHag? It's Nuwanda Girl," (Those ARE our given names, you know.) "I am standing about 20 feet away from Hugh Grant."

[squeals and laughter]

"No WAY!" I replied.

"Yes WAY! But I have to keep my voice down, I'm trying to keep cool. He's filming a scene for his movie in the park (aka Central Park). "

"Oh I read about that movie. Do you see Drew Barrymore?"

"Hold on a sec, let me get around this thi... YES, there's Drew Barrymore."

[more squeals and laughter]

"Oh wait..." The disappointment in Nuwanda Girl's voice is heavy. "That girl's way too fat to be Drew Barrymore. It must be her stand-in."


[pause to take in new information]

"So," I said, "This is your third celebrity sighting of the day!" I received an earlier email from N.G. stating she saw Isabella Rossellini:
Dude, I saw Isabella Rossellini in the park this morning. She was
walking her dog, looking totally UN-GLAM and pretty old, but not a hag like
Farrah Fawcett.
(This first star sighting did not warrant a phone call.)

"Well, two and a half. WAIT!" NG exclaimed. "It IS Drew Barrymore!!!"



"Man, she's fatter that I thought she would be."




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