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Monday, May 08, 2006

Are We Sure Nicole Kidman Didn't Fall from a Palm Tree?

So, Keith Richards fell out of a palm tree and had surgery, but from the comments in the latest Ladies' Home Journal, I think Nicole Kidman is the one with the brain injury.

Everyone knows that Tom Cruise is on his way down the popularity slide - Keith Olberman said he was suffering from Post-Stardom.

So why would his ex-wife, who has become a huge successful actor and international star since splitting from him, and who has finally found some success in the romance department in Keith Urban, say this:

"He was huge; still is. To me, he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him,"

Now, what would compel her to say this now? The public is hating him, talk show hosts are making fun of him, and his new Stepford just has his kid?

She still must be programmed.

What she should do is call up Oprah, set up a prime-time interview, and tell us all what he's really like. If she did this, I swear on this blog, that I would pay full price to see every single one of her future movies. Twice.


Anonymous Nuwanda girl said...

Rag Hag:
Is there a lot of gossip in Ladies Home Journal??? Maybe I should start checking out Better Homes and Garden and Parenting magazine for blind item celebrity dish...not the kind you can bake.

Tee hee hee.

6:08 AM  

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