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Monday, May 15, 2006

Raghag Roundup: Fat... or Fat like a Fox?

Star's cover story is "Weight Winners and Losers", and featured prominently is Janet Jackson.

There have been pics of Janet looking pretty hefty. Now she has a new album out, and she's fit and fabulous.

But I was thinking... was she ever really fat? In all the Fat Janet pictures, she's wearing huge baggy sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sometimes even leggings under that.

I know Janet's had weight issues in the past, but how crafty would it be to go out looking heavier than she really is, and then, right before her album release, she slim and sexy.

Janet is a first-rate media manipulator. Remember Nipplegate? How that was a "wardrobe malfunction"? But if it was really staged, wouldn't we have seen just a regular ol' nipple - and not that huge sun nipple shield. I mean, I highly doubt she wears that on a daily basis cuz that thing looks painful, not to mention the snags it would create in her sweaters. She's rises way above the average celebrity stunt. She does things that seem really unintentional, making us all talk about it, right before her album is released.

So, is her miraculous weight loss really a case of Scalegate? You decide...


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