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Monday, May 15, 2006

RagHag Roundup: Runaway Bride 2

I thought I would try a new format for the RagHag Roundup.

Most of the crap in these magazines is publicist-generated bullshit. So I thought I would report on those choice golden nuggets that interest me - the pieces of information I actually remembered after closing the rag and casting it aside in the pile with the rest of them. So let's try this and see how it goes, kay? Kay.

So People snuck in a little gem of a story in their Passages section, my favorite section of the magazine, by the by. Jennifer Wilbanks - the Runaway Bride who faked her own kidnapping to get out of her over-the-top wedding - called it quits AGAIN. Remember when she returned and her fiance, John Mason, was all 'I still love her and I forgive her and God forgives her and we're gonna still get married'? Well, it ain't happening.

It's too bad - I had such high hopes for this couple. Now they REALLY have to return all those gifts.


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