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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Someone Buys Nicole Richie a Mirror

and it appears she has actually looked into it.

So, Nicole admits she's too skinny. But if you read the article, you notice that everyone dances around the word "anorexia".

Like, here, in this quote:

Her medical team characterizes Richie's weight as "in the realm of anorexia," the magazine reports. However, Dr. Jeffery Wilkins, vice-chair of the department of psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, points out, "Our evaluation could change at any time."

WTF does "in the realm of anorexia" mean? Either she's anorexic or she's not, no?

Wilkins adds, "We're all concerned, and she's concerned, but it's either going to improve or it won't. If it's not anorexia, she should be able to gain the weight. If it ends up being anorexia, we'll help her with that. I think she's willing to look this in the eye."

Maybe I'm uninformed, but I've seen the pics and the girl's skin and bones.

At least she's getting the help she so obviously needs.


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