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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dead Rich Men

Aaron Spelling died today.

He had a stroke over the weekend and was back at home when he passed away at the age of 83.

According to one of my rags, Tori saw him the week before he had the stroke, after 9 months of not seeing him due to a rift between her and her mother. Her mother was supposedly in Vegas for the weekend with another man, so Tori went to visit her dad. I'm glad she got that last visit in - she would have felt like a Shiloh Pitt if she hadn't.

Also, Anna Nicole Smith's stepson, 67 year old E. Pierce Marshall died earlier this week. He's the one suing her for his father's fortune.

Too bad that estate tax cut didn't go into effect yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Anna Nicole was suing her stepson. Seems moot now anyway.

7:52 AM  

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