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Friday, June 30, 2006

Updated and Complete: Star Jones - on Larry King Live

Okay folks. It's 8:30 here - Baby Diva slept in so I just made my coffee and got the TiVo queued. Larry King Live. Let's do this thing.

Did she jump - or was she pushed?

So Larry starts stating that before they get started, ABC has provided a written statement of there side of the story, and that he talked to Barbara Wednesday who told him to "quote her liberally." Okay, I feel like I should pop popcorn and pull all the curtains, because this is clearly gonna be a show.

First they show the clip of Star telling everyone, after much prayer and counsel, that she's taking off. But Larry has put a split schreen so we can watch her face while she watches it. She has a sad, closed-mouth smile while she watches. Like a sad clown watching the sunset.

Larry asks why, why did you do it this way?

She said that we've all planned for me to announce that I was leaving - we being Star, Barbara, ABC and producer Bill. Who the hell is Bill. When they told her her she was canned, they asked her to stay until July 13 and told her what day she could announce it on the show. Problem was, that day wasn't Tuesday, June 27.

She was told on April 21st that she wasn't coming back in the fall. She showed up to work every day and acted professionally, even though there were "news reports, speculation, rumor, gossip, innuendo."

"It was relentless!"

So then on Monday, June 26, Keith Olberman has a story about her leaving with the definite date of departure. I guess no one knew that except the executives and herself. Sounds like a leak to me, Star!

"So you're saying someone leaked it," says Larry.

"Absolutely. There's no question that was done," says Star. Damn. I didn't think she had the cajones to say that. I thought she would do the whole 'shrug it off but imply' act. Of course, if there's anything Star has in spades it's cajones. I should never underestimate Ms. Jones.

So Tuesday she woke up and it was even more prevalent in the media. She realized it was turning into a "circus atmosphere". As opposed to what's happening now.

Oh here we go - "the viewers deserved the truth."

So Larry said that Barbara planned this whole retrospective on Thursday as a tribute to her. Is that true?

Star says she never agreed to any of that. She agreed that she would make the announcement and leave on Thursday. She specifically said she didn't want any tribute because she didn't feel that way after being told her contract was removed.

I think it had more to do with not wanting to see the fatty footage. Or the clip of her getting beaned in the face with a football.

So Larry asks if she felt she was betrayed.

"You know, that's such a tough word," she replies. Here we go - the lawyer speak. "I look at it as a business decision." Uh-huh. Sure sure.

But then it because personal with all the media attention - and it hurt. So she decided that it was time to gain control of this sinking ship, so to speak. She of course called her pastor, on Tuesday morning, for guidance and support, they prayed, and she decided to spill the beans.

Ahh, but Larry's two steps ahead - "But didn't you tell People Magazine about this before Tuesday?"

"Yes, yes."

Hmm, who's the hypocrite now?

Well she talked to People before Tuesday for the viewers. She thought they deserved to know the truth. She said that she was gonna make the announcement that week sometime, and the viewers deserved to know the truth.

Why didn't she talk to Barbara about the People interview? Well the same reason Barbara hasn't spoken to her yet. Nah nah NAH! Okay, the claws are coming out now.

Ooh, Barbara didn't call her to tell her she was canned - someone called her agent. Larry said that Barbara said it wasn't her decision - it was ABC's decision. "Is that true?" he asks.

"Listen," she says. Uh oh. She's losing her cool - she's getting a bit heated. Mount JonesReynolds is beginning to erupt!

Her agent was called April 20th. Her agent called her managers and gay husband Al. Al then hopped on a plane and flew to Phoenix, where Star was at the time, to tell her himself. He's very sensitive, that Al.

Ooh now they show Barbara's announcement. Cue the split screen. Where's the sad clown face? No peaceful smile - her mouth is drawn into a straight line. Is that smoke I see coming out of her ears?

LOL - she says that was the first time she saw that clip. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Right.

She's sad that the platform that she helped build was used to be attacked professionally.

"You think you were attacked there?" Larry asks.

"Well," long dramatic pause, "I'll leave that to the viewers to decide." Yep, that's smoke.

Okay commercial.

Now Larry is talking about her losing weight. Barbara said that when they conducted surveys and polls about how much people hated Star Jones, part of it was because she talked about losing the 800 pounds she lost by eating smaller portions and walking on a treadmill, as if she didn't have the gastric bypass. Larry said that Barbara said that no one believed that and the crew covered for her - they knew there was some sort of surgery involved, didn't understand why she was lying about it, and couldn't understand why she insisted it was eating low-fat and lifting 5 lb weights.

She said that last time she was on the show, she said that he quoted in her book that she needed a full-scale medical intervention and doctors had to step in and save her life. So medical intervention = gastric bypass surgery. And when I say I'm a calm peaceful mother when Baby Diva is losing it because it comes natural to me, I really mean it's the copious amounts of xanax I take.

So Larry says "So where did this impression come from that you did this all by a diet?"

Well she has no idea. She says she always said it was a medical intervention.

"That means surgery, right?" Larry asks.

"What else could it mean?" she replies.

Phew! Man. That was painful. It felt like someone just stapled MY stomach - without anesthesia.

"So what did Barbara mean about the crew covering for you?"

"Here's the thing..." Star begins. Oh, man - not the thing. Private things have gone on for nine years, "with our children and our husbands, with our own personal health, and each one of us respected each other's privacy."

So Larry goes, "But they said they did respect your privacy. They covered for you..."

"But you know what? I didn't ask them to," Star replies.


"Are you very hurt?" Larry asks.

"Gosh," the insipid smile returns, "you ask the tough questions!" Okay hold on while I vomit.

Okay back. Don't worry - I rinsed. "I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you that I was hurt." Double negative, Star.

She loved the show - she loved the viewers - she's the co-host that went into the audience to talk to them.

So now they're showing Barbara's response on Tuesday. So he asks her if she should have told them about People magazine and she was all, that wasn't the forum. "She's known since April that she didn't renew my contract, this wasn't a bombshell."


Now for ABC's written response.

1. ABC told Barbara and Bill Geddie - the other producer - in November 2005 that they weren't renewing Star's contract.

2. The network fired Star and gave orders to Barbara but Barbara resisted.

3. ABC conducted extensive focus groups that Star had lost credibility and was damaging the show.

4. Star's wedding freebies hit papers across the country having a negative impact on the show.

5. Star sold her wedding pictures to People magazine and "The View" could not put those pictures on the show.

6. Star had a drastic weight loss and was not forthright with her audience further damaging her credibility.

[OK - I have to watch Argentina and Germany in overtime - J. Cruz is a BABE. I'll finish this in a sec....]

BACK! Germany won. Poor J. Cruz.

Okay so Star says she didn't sell the wedding pictures to People or to anyone else - she owns them. The only person who got paid was the photographer. Now about the freebies - she says "There's no question I used my celebrity as it related to making those wedding plans."

She also said she didn't get freebies for plugging products on "The View" but she did plug products in other venues that were unrelated to the show. She then refers to herself in the third person, which I HATE: "Star 100% confesses," she says with her right hand up, "used my celebrity100% and if you ask me if that was a mistake, I'm gonna tell you yes."

How convoluted is THAT?

Then she said that in 2004, out of the top 10 rated episodes of "The View" half of them had to do with her wedding.

That was because people hated that bitch and her stupid wedding so much they had to watch. The ratings don't necessarily mean people liked her.


Kay now view emails - Denise from Columbia, South Carolina asks if there's any truth to the rumors that Star's firing was a condition of Rosie O'Donnell joining "The View".

Great question, Denise! I was wondering the same thing.

Star says she doesn't think so - because Rosie was replacing Meredith - but it was strange in the timing - she was told April 21 - and 5 days later she was told that Rosie was gonna be the new co-host.

She says she and Ro have been friends, so she was taken aback that two weeks prior to April 21, Ro went on a public attack of Star and her family - talking about her weight - said Star claimed she lost weight thru pilates and yoga which she never said - and Ro also attacked her family in print. Star didn't call her - the last thing she wanted to do was get in a tabloid fight with someone - going tit for tat.

Uh, so why did she go to People and say she was fired? That was pretty tat to Barbara's tit.

So innocent Star was shocked by Ro's comments she didn't even have time to respond to it because that same week Ro made her vicious attacks, Barbara called her and invited her to be on The View. This all went down on the Emmys. Instead of taking this as an affront from Barbara - she decided to hold it in her heart.

She asked Barbara why Rosie went to the Emmys with them - and Barbara said "This is a business decision and wrap yourself around it."

Then she pulls out the sisterhood story. She's not getting into a catfight - women professionals should stick together. She learned from Barbara and she's a mentor - just like Johnnie Cochran was in her legal career - and she will not denigrate Ms. Walters - that's not who she is.


She says that when she was told in April, she was moving on - but she was specifically asked to stay until Meredith left - then she was ordered to return in July. Her contract is up in August.

She then said that she doesn't know what she said that was so horrible to People. They asked what happened, she said her contract wasn't renewed. They said how did that make her feel and she said it felt like she was fired.

What's so bad about that? Nothing, actually. What makes this a great story is the fact that she went outside the Barbara Walters protocol. They wanted control of how it went down and Star said, nuh-uh. I'm doing this my way.

Call from Palm City, Florida - who would you like see replace you and have you heard of who will replace you? She doesn't know who will be on - she wants someone who represents diversity and a professional - not an actress or comedienne.

So then Larry reads some more of the statement from ABC which said that because of her deceptions (going to People and saying she was fired without telling anyone at "The View" and because "The View" is a live show, "the network could not trust what she might say on air and it was decided that Star's services would be terminated immediately."


She's disheartened they are reacting this way. She was told whatever she wanted to say, they would back them up. She didn't want to lie - that was not a part of her character. She was offended they asked her to lie. Her viewers deserved the truth. He says "why didn't you just get another gig in April," and she said, "I did get my own show."

She said first she was getting fired because he was dishonest to her viewers, but then she was asked to lie about why she was leaving.

Man - what a lawyer.

ABC daytime president said his only regret was this wasn't taken care of in November when her ratings were at an all-time low and then this wouldn't be connected to Rosie. She said, well the daytime president asked her to sit at his table in April so snap.

She's working on new tv projects, she's gonna work on child advocacy projects, and she's gonna continue to grow.

She's not going away quietly.

Damn it.


Blogger agirlbythesea said...

Ahh leave me hanging! I had totally forgotten about Star getting bonked in the face with a football. That was PRICELESS.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous harmonica said...

Thank godness for you, RagHag. I tried to watch Larry last night and couldn't do it. Don't worry... her 15 minutes will soon be up.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Annie said...

Most people I've talked to sum it up with, "Who cares? The View is a bunch of tiresome bitches." I agree.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Mouse Keeping said...

Loose lips sink annoying hosts with oversized egos.

Bitch should keep her pie hole shut.

6:00 AM  

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