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Thursday, July 20, 2006

If You're In L.A., Get Off the Roads NOW

There were two celebrity car crashes yesterday!

Remember the creepy kid that saw dead people in "The Sixth Sense"? Haley Joel Osment, that's the name. Anyway, he was on his way home early Thursday and crashed his car into a brick pillar and flipped it.

You would think a movie star, albeit a child movie star, would have a nice ride, right? Like a Beemer, or a Mercedes. Well, Haley Joel chose to go a different route - he has (I mean had) a stylish, hip 1995 Saturn.

He was driving alone and is still in the hospital, but his current condition is unclear.

The other crash involved a Baldwin - Daniel Baldwin, to be exact, and he was driving all crazy in his RENTED Ford Thunderbird, going over 80 mph in traffic, running a red light, and finally crashing into two parked cars, one being a Hummer.

He had a woman in the car with him, who remains unidentified, but PerezHilton is guessing it was a hooker. He's probably right on with this prediction.

So the actor who once starred in the blockbuster "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman" was detained and charged with a misdemeanor, before heading to the hosiptal with "back and neck pain" (i.e. code for 'give me Vicodin').

Danny Boy was arrested in April for cocaine possession. I have a feeling that drugs could have possibily played a part in all this.


Anonymous Mot said...

I guess Haley's parents spent all of his money. That is the only reason why he would be driving an 11 year old Saturn. I have nothing against Saturn's BTW. My wife has an 06 Saturn Vue. Kudos to him for actually flipping his Saturn. I really did think that was possible to do in a 95 Saturn.

At least Daniel Baldwin wasn't drunk. He did the smart thing. He was driving crazy in a car he DID NOT own. Hopefully he paid extra for the rental insurance. If he did I think it is proof he is getting his life back in order. You may diasagree with that since he may have been with a hooker. I say a hooker would be cheaper in the long run for Danny boy than a relationship.

12:23 PM  

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