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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kathy Griffin's Man Did Her WRONG

I've been meaning to post this for over a week, but more pressing issues came up, like the new Nicole Richie/Jeff Goldblum romance (ew - you can thank blogger for not having to look at pics of them).

Funny, but Larry King had the same problem. Kathy Griffin was supposed to be on Larry King Live last Tuesday, but then North Korea decided to be all macho and show us how big their missiles were so, alas, she was bumped.

Such is the life of a D-lister.

She was finally on last night and she said the reason she divorced her folicle-challenged husband, computer dork Matthew Moline, was because he kept stealing money from her - $72,000, to be exact.

"My ex-husband, without my knowledge, was sneaking into my wallet when I was asleep in the mornings and taking my ATM cards of my own private accounts and withdrawing money."

Damn. That's shady. Then Larry said, basically, that in showbiz terms, $72,000 wasn't that much.

I hate Larry King.

Kathy stated the obvious, that she couldn't trust him, blah blah.

Okay, I have a confession. I'm totally writing this as if I watched it. I didn't. I totally forgot it was on. No, instead, I watched a marathon of Mr. Diva's favorite show on the National Geographic channel - "Air Emergency", aka "Mr. Diva's Worst Nightmare Depicted on the Small Screen".

So thanks to People for the recap. And Kathy, stay strong! You don't need that. Surround yourself with your gays and a big batch of cake soup!!!


Anonymous Manager Suh said...

Dude, I'm totally into Air Emergency too! I'm repulsed but I can't look away. Bummer I missed the marathon. Did they show the one where the plane runs out of gas? Or the one about the crash in Arkansas in the rain storm? How about the one where the two planes collided and the father of one of the victims MURDERED the air traffic controller in revenge. Heavy stuff people.

12:02 PM  
Blogger RagHag Diva said...

They didn't show ANY of those. The one I really paid attention to was the flight from Africa that was taken over by hijackers who insisted the pilot fly to Australia even though they only had 3 hours of fuel. So he had to land IN THE OCEAN. And half of the people lived, including the pilot.

1:38 PM  

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