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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson Hates the Jews, Loves the Sauce

Wow. Mel Gibson is in TROUBLE!

Pulled over for drunk driving. Saying crazy shit about the Jews.

What do you think? Is his career over?

The best source to follow this story is definitely tmz.com - they even have a video clip of a PSA Gibson did for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and clips from his interview with Diane Sawyer where he says it's against his religion to be anti-semitic and he used to drive drunk, but that's when he was stupid.


Anonymous Mot said...

Thank God Mel is Catholic. He can just ask and receive forgiveness from God. The anti-semetic comments where horrible but his use of the words "sugar tits" to describe a female officer was even more odd. Hopefully, Mel will go to rehab and stop drinking. But remember people his Blood Alchohol level was only .12!!! That isn't even that drunk. That is why his comments are even more unexcuseable. Rag-Hag you asked if his career was over. Well yes it probaly is but why would he care about that? He is worth over $500 million so he deosn't need to be concerned with his career.

5:40 AM  

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