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Monday, July 10, 2006

Raghag Roundup: Are Jen and Vince getting Hitched?

I received an urgent email late last week from Nuwanda Girl demanding answers: are Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn engaged or not??

Well, maybe urgent isn't the right word. It was more of an afterthought, tacked onto a message about Korean dramas. Uh, don't knock them until you try them, people - you'll be addicted. A new one starts tonight on AZN at 11p eastern/8p pacific.

Perez Hilton mentioned last week on his blog that Jen and Vince were tying the knot.

His sources were Us and Life&Style. But then I heard nothing, and I wonder what makes this week's declaration of a Jen/Vince wedding any different than all the other weeks' declarations of a Jen/Vince wedding.

I still can't tell. Life&Style hardly ever get it right. I mean, they are reporting that Oprah will be a bridesmaid, for christ's sake. Oprah ain't no bridesmaid. Never a bridesmaid, never a bride is how the saying goes for Ms. Winfrey.

So sure. They're getting married. Why the hell not? And throw Oprah in as a bridesmaid. And Brad Pitt's mom will walk her down the aisle.


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