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Monday, July 24, 2006

RagHag Roundup: If it Weren't for my Pension, I'd Kick Your Ass!

So remember how I mentioned that the uber-beautiful Christie Brinkley is getting a divorce from her equally white-toothed husband, Peter Cook? You've probably heard the reason: teen sex.

Her husband is a perv/typical man who decided to cheat on his 52 year old wife with a 19 year old girl. And how did Christie find out? According to People, the girl's stepfather approached the couple after Christie's commencement address at Southampton High School and told her.

The girl's stepfather, Brian Platt is a Southampton Village police office, and according to Life&Style, he said to Cook, in front of Brinkley, "If I weren't worried about my pension, you'd be a dead man."

Damn you, pension! [shaking fist to the air]

Hey Brian - it's called civil litigation. You won't have to worry about your pension, dude.


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