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Monday, July 24, 2006

RagHag Roundup: What's Wrong with Baby Suri

I have to give props to Star for coming up with the best headline of the week:

"What's Wrong with Baby Suri - & Why is Katie Hiding Her?"

Doesn't it give you chills??? Elephant Baby!!

So you get to the story, and a bunch of it discusses Katie's brushes with stalkercrazies, and that's why we haven't seen Suri. But then, in a little sidebar, another reason is given - one I haven't thought about and one that could make sense.

Their "experts" have surmised that there is nothing seriously wrong with Suri cuz if there was, she would have to have gone to a hospital at some point, and there aren't any sighting of her there (uh, I guess their "experts" have never heard of doctor-patient confidentiality). So what they think is that Suri never got immunizations - Scientologists don't believe in protecting against whooping cough - and they could be keeping her out of the public in order for her immune system to strengthen before being exposed to the outside world.

So this is a pretty good explanation, right? One that could hold water. But then why, if Leah Remini is such a good Scientologist that she was the 'chosen one' to view Suri, why then would she pose with her newborn for the cover of any rag that would have her? Why, Leah? Why? Do you want your baby to catch polio? Or are you like a fair-weather Scientologist and went ahead and got the shots? Only a Scientologist while it's convenient, like when you're asked by Tom Cruise to lie to the world about holding his "baby"?

(By the way - that is not, I repeat NOT, a picture of Suri with Leah Remini. That's her own baby, the one with either the immunizations or bacterial meningitis.)


Anonymous nuwanda girl said...

You'd think that Tom Cruise would've picked a fellow Scientologist with a lot more street cred like John Travolta to lie about his kid. Instead he picks Leah-King of Queens-Loser Actress-who had an E! Reality Show-Rimini??!

I bet they're all standing around the Cruise compound in their track suits sipping kool-aid saying "we fooled THEM!".

1:22 PM  

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