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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tori's Story

As I promised last week, here is the lowdown on the Tori-Candy wars in this week's mags.

Us ran it as a cover story, but frankly I was a bit disappointed with it. I didn't learn anything new. Tori got a text message saying her dad died from a friend. Her mom didn't call her. They aren't talking because, among other things that weren't really clear in the article, Candy has been spending time with another man.

People, though, gave us some new information on the subject. Turns out Aaron Spelling had Alzheimer's. Oh, and Candy invited Tori to the memorial and funeral service. Tori thought it was weird that she had to be invited to her own dad's funeral, but she didn't make a fuss because it was a difficult time.

Okay, this has been bothering me since I posted the news that Candy was spending time with another man, and this was a major reason why Tori wasn't speaking to her. Because, if I remember correctly (and I do) Ms. Spelling was dilly dallying with another woman's husband while she was another person's wife.

So let me get this straight - it's okay for the daughter to wreck two families, but not okay for the mom? Meanwhile, People reports that Aaron's health was deteriorating since 2001 - not only did he suffer from throat cancer, but he also had Alzheimer's. Then he had a stroke.

Look, I don't endorse infidelity in any case, but if I were going to compare these two situations, a healthy young woman stealing a husband from a woman who just gave birth vs. a 66-year-old woman sharing time with another man while her much older husband is all but a shell of a human being at home, well, I'm siding with Candy on this one.

Also, if there was a rift between Tori and her mom, why did she let that get in between her relationship with her father? If she felt so bad for him, wouldn't she have spent as much time with him as possible? I mean, if what Tori says is true, her mom wouldn't be home a lot, right?

People reports that Aaron knew his wife was spending time with another man. His name is Mark Nathanson, and he was the person who introduced Aaron and Candy. They sound like they've been friends for a long time, and he probably offered support to her while she watched her husband deteriorate before her eyes. If this turned into romance, well, I guess these things happen.

I think Tori should probably focus on all the other dysfunctions in her family and drop this hypocritical rants of adultery. I mean, she should focus on her mom's two - count them, two - rooms in her house devoted to gift wrapping. The whole world would be wearing Team Tori shirts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly Tori is trying to whip up some public sympathy for herself, after rightfully being tagged as a Class A husband-stealing and cheating bitch. The real beauty of this would be if Daddy was still compas mentis when she pulled her little stunt and cut her out of his will as a result.

6:01 AM  

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